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Captain America – The First Avenger

In the running for an Academy Award for Best Picture, The First Avenger is a tough task for any film about superheroes. Written by Luc Jacquet, the film is about a group of terrorists plotting to bomb a foreign air base. Ledger is joined by the escaped inmates as well as an rival killer. The movie was extremely well liked upon its release, and went on to earn $1.5 million at its debut night. The success of the film led to sequels and the modern day The First Avenger…

Growing up with comics as a kid, I’ve always thought that an Captain America film would be my favorite. Captain America was a superhero comic book character from the comics. The First Avenger looks like a comic book movie with an added benefit of featuring an amazing actor in its principal position. Robert Downey Jr. Giving the performances of his career, The First Avenger would be one of the best comic book films ever made.

Captain America is a determined and proud patriot, who dislikes not only the World Trade Centers but also the United States. The Soviet Union is America’s biggest foe. He was born in Brooklyn, USA, Steve Rogers knows he is destined to fight communism. Once he is enlisted in the military, he finds himself involved in World War 1.

A soldier in the Army, Steve Rogers was a bit confused when he found out his uncle Sam was a communist. He was raised to believe that every person in America stands up for freedom and justice. Rogers enjoyed sharing his socialist views with his friends as when he was a young child. Rogers’s views on politics caused him to be very frightened. Rogers rapidly changed his mind after he saw the Soviet army slaying innocent people.

Rogers is scheduled for a second time to fight once the first attack has finished. However, he is far from skilled in combat as he must depend on other resources. The Chinese scientist came up with an astonishing serum that gives him the ability to speed, strength and agility. This serum grants him extraordinary power, speed and agility. The serum is the most powerful weapon available.

In the course of fighting the Red Skull, the first avenger is also faced with a machine gun. They have many tanks and weapons, one of which is controlled by a huge robotic. However, the hero manages to destroy the massive tank. The result is a pursuit with the Red Skull himself. The Red Skull is badly injured by shots from a machine gun as they fight.

In the subsequent issue it is revealed that Rogers and his army are still in hiding after the Skull has escaped custody. If they do not surrender, Rogers threatens closing the US Air Force Base. Then, he makes an edgy escape from the base with some troops. Rogers is required to over come many barriers before he escapes the base. One of them can be a major explosion, which destroys much of the military camp.

The first story of the avengers is worth reading. It’s exciting and thrilling, with many surprises. It does not compromise its quality, and can be a worthwhile read even if it’s not prior issues. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys comics with a superhero theme. This is a great book for someone who is new to comics, or who hasn’t read for a while in recent years.

In the opening arc of “The First Avenger,” Steve Rogers is introduced as a rookie with no experience. The young man quickly shows that he’s got what the qualities to make a tough fighter.กัปตันอเมริกา-อเวนเ/ He effortlessly takes out three of the terrorists’ escorts, without any struggle. Next issue features Steve and his squad returning to Avengers Tower following the battle. The team is greeted at the Tower of Avengers by Dr. Bruce Banner who informs the team that Rogers was dismissed. Rogers disapproves, and is determined to prove that his skills are more than capable fighter.

Issue #2 reveals that Rogers has the same level of expertise as Dr. Bruce Banner said, and is well-qualified to lead the Avengers. However, when terrorists attack the Tower, Rogers is nearly killed. Rogers beats off the terrorist in an ongoing battle, but is still injured. After returning to Tower in the morning, he realizes that Banner changed the layout of floors and had created a hidden entrance. It’s a an intriguing mystery that will keep readers to the very end.

For us to fully appreciate the tale of Captain America, we need recognize the method by how comic book creators tell the stories. While there are many stories that have been told throughout many years, the graphic novel writing of this period is among the best. Cap isn’t just a superhero; he’s a character with a fascinating past. Cap isn’t just a face on a poster but a real human being.

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